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CRISTINA rubinetterie, a top Italian bathroom fitting and fixtures company, was founded in 1949 in Gozzano, on Lake Orta. Its products for bathroom, kitchen, wellness interiors and outdoor areas, are designed to ensure functionality and duration, seamlessly blending with the aesthetics of contemporary interior projects. The company offers a wide and diversified range of products for the private and contract sectors, all developed to perfection, exclusively manufactured in Italy using top quality materials and advanced technological processes, with the utmost respect for the environment. Every single CRISTINA project exudes commitment and passion, cornerstones of the company’s ethos, carried forward by a brand focused on innovating both itself and the sector, through evolved solutions both in terms of technology and design. Products are designed to satisfy the requirements and desires of people. All the brand’s products are characterised by a remarkable attention towards environmental sustainability, manufactured using materials which comply with stringent international standards and fitted with technologies designed to reduce water consumption. With four production sites located in the upper Novara province, a total of 35,000 indoor sqm facilities and 250 employees, CRISTINA rubinetterie distinguishes itself in virtue of its exclusively Made in Italy production. 

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CRISTINA rubinetterie
via G. Fava, 56
28024 Gozzano (NO) – Italy
Tel: +39 0322 9545
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Its products are distributed in over 80 countries throughout the world and are appreciated in virtue of meticulous attention to detail, potential for the development of tailored solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction, all distinctive added values which make the brand unique. In April 2017 the company inaugurated its first ever Milan-based showroom, with the aim of fostering dialogue with designers and reinforcing brand awareness: four windows located on the historic via Pontaccio, in the heart of the Brera design district. The same year, the company announced its acquisition by Gruppo Caleffi, Made in Italy leader in the manufacture of heating, air conditioning, plumbing and drainage parts. Alberto Cristina and Marco Caleffi played a key role in guiding this important operation, intent on guaranteeing seamless.
continuity for the brand at an international level, thanks to the creation of new commercial synergies.