Simone Micheli emotional projects + The Bar

Tehran | Tirana | Corum | Milan


On the occasion of LAMBRATE FALL EDITION 2016HOME Italia has encountered architect Simone Micheli at the envent “BEYOND THE EDGE: Simone Micheli emotional projects + The Bar – Tehran | Tirana | Corum | Milan” organised at the Simone Micheli Studio Gallery in Milan.

A virtual and interactive exhibition aimed at illustrating the main characteristics and features of the latest architect’s projects.

Simone-Micheli-Studio-gallery_MI-1 simone micheli architecturial hero

Starting from Terhan (Iran), across Tirana (Albania), Corum (Turkey) and back again to Milan with a focus on “The Bar”, a project aimed at upgrading the district Ventura-Lambrate, Simone Micheli highlighted the thread that drives experimentation and philosophical design typical of his accomplishments.

TEHRAN_design-by-Simone-Micheli-1-1024x576 simone micheli architecturial hero
TIRANA_design-by-Simone-Micheli-1-1024x717 simone micheli architecturial hero
CORUM_design-by-Simone-Micheli-1-1-1024x576 simone micheli architecturial hero
The-BaR_Milano_design-by-SImone-Micheli-1-1024x773 simone micheli architecturial hero

Brilliant video installations and projections made the studio-gallery a charming and magical location able to captivate the viewers and to get them into the heart of contemporary avant-garde visions of the architect. The aim of the exhibition was indeed to engage all attendees in order to get them temporarily involved within the progressive thoughts of the designer.

G-Nardi-2-1-684x1024 simone micheli architecturial hero
G-Nardi-4-1-1024x684 simone micheli architecturial hero
G-Nardi-5-1-1024x684 simone micheli architecturial hero
G-Nardi-11-1-1024x684 simone micheli architecturial hero

Photos © Giovanni Nardi


The studio will also be open to the public on October 7 (from 3pm to 7pm), 8 and 9 (from 4pm to 8pm).

Cattura-262 simone micheli architecturial hero
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