An innovative concept transforms a little gem in the heart of Gargano into a truly innovative hotel.

The aim of CaberlonCaroppi architects was to create a trendy place able to attract different and specific targets, where the history of the place can be mixed with contemporary design. The peculiar social table in front of the entrance was designed to accommodate a wide variety of services, interactive technologies and internet terminals. The common areas speak a language rich in references to the identity of Apulia. Spaces were designed to meet guest desire to have a special place for a particular event or just a cool location for a business meeting.

1-10 caberlon caroppi
3-8 caberlon caroppi
2-7 caberlon caroppi
4-7 caberlon caroppi

The interiors of the Ariae Hotel in San Giovanni Rotondo, Apulia.

Cattura-164 caberlon caroppi
Cattura-57 caberlon caroppi


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