Few people manage to give up the pleasure of browsing a book.

The unique sensation of turning all the pages one after the other, the scent of ink on paper, the beauty of holding a novel in your hands or that of owning a publication full of images allowed the books to survive the digital revolution. In an age when tablets and ebooks are commonplace, books are still part of everyone’s life. Every day.

Here is a review of bookcases to display your favourite books in style and keep them in time!

8-Rimadesio_Cover_freestanding-1-1100x550 archers humpryers architects NEWS

Perfect to be positioned in the middle of the room, Cover freestanding by Rimadesio is a double-sided solution designed by Roberto Bavuso.

1-Armani_Casa_Musa-1-683x1024 archers humpryers architects NEWS

Musa by Armani Casa

Canaletto walnut frame and tops covered in leather make up the Musa bookcase by Armani Casa.

6-MDF_Italia_Random-1-683x1024 archers humpryers architects NEWS

Random by MDF Italia

One of MDF Italia’s best sellers, the Random modular bookcase is now available in coloured versions also with contrasting shades.

11-Poliform_Quid-1-1100x550 archers humpryers architects NEWS

Quid system by Poliform. Perfect for making a wall in the living room, but also to serve the office corner or sleeping area.

2-Busnelli_FTB-1-1024x768 archers humpryers architects NEWS

FTB by Busnelli

One of Busnelli’s masterpieces, Vincenzo de Cotiis’ FTB bookcase has come in new and interesting finishes. Its strong point? The perfect fit between wood and burnished brass.

5-Lema_T030-1-1024x768 archers humpryers architects NEWS

T030 by Lema

Designed by Piero Lissoni, the Lema’s T030 day system can be customised according to your needs and available space

4-Giorgio_Collection_Alchemy_Living_Bookcase-1-1024x768 archers humpryers architects NEWS

Alkemy Living by Giorgio_Collection

The Alkemy modular bookcase by Giorgio Collection comes with a structure in African sycamore wood and open or closed compartments that alternate.

10-Porada_Myria-1-1024x768 archers humpryers architects NEWS

Myria by Porada


Designed by David Dolcini, Myria by Porada has a walnut structure and crystal shelves. If used as a single module, it must be wall-mounted.

12-Minotti_Dalton-1-1100x550 archers humpryers architects NEWS

Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, Dalton by Minotti is characterised by solid and load-bearing elements. Like an architecture.

3-Fendi_Casa-1-683x1024 archers humpryers architects NEWS

Bookcase by Fendi Casa

Fendi Casa offers a light and “totemic” freestanding bookcase, perfect for any environment!

9-Baxter_Libelle-1-683x1024 archers humpryers architects NEWS

PassWord by Molteni

Molteni’s PassWord can freely combine containers and compartments. Without forgetting the space for books!

7-Molteni_PassWord-1-683x1024 archers humpryers architects NEWS

Libelle by Baxter

Baxter’s Libelle floor-to-ceiling bookcase has metal uprights that support Vienna straw shelves. Classy!

Cattura-58 archers humpryers architects NEWS

The colours of Capri

Designed by Neapolitan Architect Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva, Capri Suite is a “maison de charme” that offers its guests the services and hospitality of a hotel suite. The building, located in the center of Anacapri, is part of the ancient Monastery of Saint...

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SWW17_Header-1-1-1080x594 archers humpryers architects NEWS


The Saloni WorldWide Moscow 2017 closed to great acclaim after squaring up to the Russian market. The 13th edition of the Saloni WorldWide Moscow, which drew to a close last Saturday at Moscow’s Crocus Expo exhibition centre, proved yet again to be the...

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Cattura-57 archers humpryers architects NEWS


HOME Italia always grows and aims high.Among the excellences that have joined our exclusive club there is now also Poltrona Frau.   Founded in Turin in 1912 by Renzo Frau, Poltrona Frau is synonymous with excellence known throughout the world. From...

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fsdfsdf-1 archers humpryers architects NEWS

Blue like the sea, yellow like the sun

There’s a contagious cheerfulness at The Student Hotel in Barcelona, the residences designed for students to have a home away from home, but also a family away from the family. Photos by Luis Beltran.  The style winks at the world of Memphis and...

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