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An aesthete native of Bologna, Fabrizio Cocchi took his first steps in the world of flowers, creating a national chain of rose shops called Frida. His refined floral creations are real design objects that perfectly match the tastes of his customers, constantly growing day by day.

The continuous search for perfection brings Fabrizio from Bologna to New York, a city of great inspiration. And it is right there that the FC-branded lifestyle takes shape. The good taste, the artistic flair, the impeccable touch for furniture and home in all its facets, make Fabrizio’s work a real emotional journey able to fulfil his customers’ wishes thanks to his unique touch.

From here – driven by an ever-increasing customers’ demand from all over the world – the choice to open a showroom in Bologna and then in Milan where to enjoy a journey of the senses: furniture and home for the sight, fragrances and flowers for the smell. The philosophy of Fabrizio, driven by suggestions that come from the East and affect our occidental culture, is today an example of how to tell, through the gesture of an artist, a complete world with no boundaries where today is already tomorrow.

Driven by the love for beauty and scenography.



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FC Fabrizio Cocchi

Via Castiglione 17/D, 40124 Bologna (ITALY)
Tel. +39 051 229 243

info@fabriziococchi.com                www.fabriziococchi.com

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